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It may be a silly title, but since no one is making new movies, I thought it was time to cover Brie Larson’s Youtube channel. If you didn’t know, during quarantine, Brie started Youtubing her life a little. Probably because she was bored, like the rest of us. Maybe not. I read an article recently that said she was doing it to stick it to the haters, or to quote them directly, “Brie Larson’s laid-back YouTube channel is a radical act of anti-troll defiance.” I don’t know if I buy that. For one thing, can you be laid back and radical at the same time? I literally think she just wanted a creative outlet, and literally everyone else has a podcast (even jerks like this), so she went with Youtube.

Believe what you want, but in a way, I think it’s an interesting look into the life of a famous person, albeit one who doesn’t really live like we think they live. Clearly, even before COVID, brie’s life did not read like an episode of Entourage. Yes, she has a very nice house, and she no doubt cleans it before shooting her videos, but it seems like a very simple life. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that all the Marvel money and Oscars in the world can’t save you if you have nowhere to go, and literally cannot work.

So, maybe that is her anti-troll message, after all. For those out of the loop a little, before Captain Marvel’s release, she got some flack from internet whiners because she made a comment that she would like to see more representation in the entertainment media landscape, after sitting across from white male after white male during her press tour. I believe she had made statements like that before, but now that she was playing an Avenger, she had a bigger platform. People noticed. For any non-comic fans, this was not new to fans of the character, as she used to be called Ms. Marvel and wore a costume that let’s say Disney probably wouldn’t have approved of.

Yeah, the comic nerds dug it, but got their knickers in a twist when they replaced the costume and promoted her to Captain. See, back in the day, Captain Marvel was a man, and comic fans never forget anything.

Now, I don’t think Larson was channeling her character or anything like that. Maybe she is just trying to show the trolls that she is just a regular girl. Maybe she does just want to help people relax, like in her latest video. I’m going to be honest here, this video was not what I was expecting, especially when I looked at the thumbnail of her using the face-roller thing. I thought it would be one of those preachy videos where celebrities try to tell me how to live when they clearly have it much easier than the rest of us. It’s not like that at all. It’s actually hilarious. (Ok, the playing guitar bit is her having it better than me, because I can’t play a lick.)

By far, my favorite videos of hers, though, are the Audition Story time ones. You rarely, and I do mean rarely, get to see this kind of inside Hollywood stuff where we learn what could have been when it comes to movie roles. Once in awhile, you get to hear that Tom Selleck almost played Indiana Jones or whatever, but it’s only once in a blue moon. You never see a celeb busting out a long list of roles that they auditioned for and did not get. It’s like me listing off all the jobs I’ve applied for and got turned down. You also get a glimpse into the kind of creepy side of it when she tells the story of the casting director who had a thing for girls in jean skirts, so told his people to tell the agents to tell all the prospective actresses to dress in jean skirts, so this lech got to see them all day. That is a genuine wake-up call, for sure.

So, whether Brie decided to “I’m gonna send an anti-troll message with my Youtibe channel,” or she was just bored, I think it actually works on both levels. But you check it out and see for yourself.

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